Biosoft aims to become a conductor between fundamental science and services. It helps business representatives to find appropriate scientific partners.



Biosoft aims to put on stream fundamental science problems that phramaceutical and other lifesciences companies are forced to deal with in order to get a desired result.



The BioUML platform is certified and intellectual rights on it totally belong to the Biosoft company



Biosoft is totally responsible for the quality of all of the services it provides.


Top management

Our top management team unites experts in science and administration, that's why Biosoft is developing quickly and efficiently.


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Biosoft has collected a team of real experts to grant you top quality scientific services.



The workflow system "From genome to target" is coming up this summer

Track the news on our web site as we have almost started the countdown to the very first public release of our workflow system "From genome to target" for automatized search of new therapeutic targets.

6 June 2017
Biosoft is opening a new office in Skolkovo Technopark

Come and join us on the grand opening of Biosoft's new office in Skolkovo Technopark on April 21st! You will find interesting lectures on bioinformatics, workshops and a hakaton on search for personalized biomarkers and drug targets on real patient's data.

5 April 2017
Webinar on discovery of new biomarkers and drug targets

Join us on April 13th if you are interested in molecular medicine and drug development, as we are going to give a webinar on the basic approach for searching for new drug targets and biomarkers.

5 April 2017

Pharmaceutical companies now tend to give some stages of the drug discovery process to outsourcing.  But the choice of a Contract Research Organization (CRO) is not an easy task. There is a certain amount of criteria for making this choice: it is price, time and quality of the result. The main criterion is actually the ability to use the received result in further stages of research. All existing CROs just provide stand-alone services to their clients without actually solving their customer’s global problem. Pharmaceutical companies are forced to find different CROs and to give them different parts of their problem. Then they have to gather somehow all the intermediate results and try to move on. But if we take into account the fact that there are almost no CROs in the world that could solve the fundamental scientific problems of finding the therapeutic target and compound, it becomes clear that pharmaceutical companies are forced to either have their own bioinformatics groups (which is very expensive), or give these tasks on outsourcing to honored organizations like MIT, which can certainly solve these problems but the prices for their services are enormously high because they don’t put such investigations on a stream and each time they solve a singular problem. The Biosoft project aims to stop this negative trend.
Biosoft aims to open an internet science services exchange market which would allow any CRO or academic institution to find clients for research orders and pharmaceutical companies to find scientific partners.  The bioinformatics problems will solved via the BioUML platform, which has already been developed and which lays in the basis of Biosoft current services list. At the moment Biosoft has opened registration for all the CROs and academic institutions that want to become our partners. Once a necessary number of partners will be gathered, Biosoft will start its internet science services exchange project. At the current moment Biosoft presents data analysis services which are listed on the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES tab. We really hope that you become our client or a science partner. If you have any questions, please contact us via the ASK A QUESTION form on this web site or via e-mail at info@biosoft.ru. We are really looking forward to cooperating with you!