Biosoft aims to become a conductor between fundamental science and services. It helps business representatives to find appropriate scientific partners.



Biosoft aims to put on stream fundamental science problems that phramaceutical and other lifesciences companies are forced to deal with in order to get a desired result.



The BioUML platform is certified and intellectual rights on it totally belong to the Biosoft company



Biosoft is totally responsible for the quality of all of the services it provides.


Top management

Our top management team unites experts in science and administration, that's why Biosoft is developing quickly and efficiently.


Scientific advisers

Biosoft has collected a team of real experts to grant you top quality scientific services.



Genome Enhancer gained a lot of attention at the past Molecular Med TRI-CON 2020

The Genome Enhancer prospective drug target identification pipeline was highly evaluated by the attendees of the past TRI-CON 2020 exhibition in San Francisco. We have received lots of positive feedback regarding our tool and the perspective of its application in the biomedical research field.

5 March 2020
BioUML selected as the best SBML simulator ever in an independent comparison study

According to an independent comparison, our platform was recognized as the most accurate and fast SBML simulator based on a set of 613 curated models from BioModels database.

20 December 2019
Genome Enhancer demonstrated at ESMO 2019

We have received lots of extremely valuable feedback on improving our system for the needs of medical doctors while showing Genome Enhancer to real oncologists at this huge congress. It was truly great to receive all these comments full of excitement from the world’s most advanced doctors!

2 October 2019


Biosoft has gathred unique experts in the fields of systems biology, bioinformatics, data analysis, molecular biology, chemoinformatics etc. Our team unites scientists from all over the world. Each of its members has a unique competence in a corresponding field and this allows us to guarantee you the best result of what is possible. We introduce you the main scientific specialists of our team:


 Dr. Hiroaki Kitano is a scientific advisor of the Biosoft project. He is the director of the Systems Biology Institute (http://www.sbi.jp/) and a director of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Japan. He is one of the main founders of systems biology initiative in the World.




Prof. Rudi Balling is a scientific advisor of the Biosoft project. He is a director and founder of LCSB - Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. He also is a professor at the University of Luxembourg.




Prof. Dmitri Petrov is a scientific advisor of the Biosoft project. He is a professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Biology Department at Stanford. He received his PhD in 1997 from Harvard University under the guidance of Daniel Hartl and Richard Lewontin.




He is director of the department of bioinformatics at the University
Medical Center Göttingen, concurrent professor at Nanjing University,
founder of BIOBASE GmbH and founder and CEO of geneXplain GmbH.




Prof. Alexander Tropsha is a scientific advisor of the Biosoft project. He is a professor and an associate dean for research at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC, USA.