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The Biosoft.Ru company is proud to introduce you a project of creating a unified information platform for biomedical data analysis. The platform is based on open source BioUML - a plug-in framework for global knowledge integration in systems biology. Our team has united leading competences in the fields of bioinformatics, systems biology and computer aided drug design. Our startup has already attracted several leading research companies and institutions. Among the present users of our platform there are organizations like Caroline Institute (Sweden), MIT (USA), Amgen (USA), FDA (USA) etc.
Our platform will unite a great number of biomedical data processing services, but the main focus will be made on drug discovery problems. The clients of our platform will be able to choose any software product, data analysis service or consultation they need. The prices for data analysis programs and databases will be reasonable for any client due to the flexible licensing policy.
The developers of biomedical data analysis software will be able to upload their products to our platform and independently choose reasonable prices and licensing policies for them.
The platform will also provide a service of searching for the best contract research organization for every particular client. Tenders will be announced via the platform for any service the client is in need of and any interested company will be able to send their time and money requirements according to the desired result. The client will be able to choose the organization independently according to his own experience and company’s previous offers reviews, or he can ask us to help.
Our system will handle all the obligations concerning the process of purchasing and tracking of the chosen service. The idea of using crowdsourcing technique will allow our platform to become a world’s leader in biomedical data analysis software and services area.