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In summer 2017 a workflow system ”From genome to target” will be launched. It will be a unique tool for biomedical data analysis which will allow its users to perform the full cycle of research on identification of novel biomarkers and targets for various diseases.
The system will consist of four complementary modules, which will compile a full analysis workflow. The system will start from raw omics data and will eventually provide its users with a full list of ranked biomarkers and targets that correspond to the studied disease.
The whole analysis process will run automatically without any expert’s participation. Currently the system is not completely ready, however, its actual state can be seen at micro.biouml.org/bioumlweb/#.
We really hope the workflow system “From genome to target” will arouse great interest among our dear colleagues. We are always open to your questions and cooperation offers – please write to us on info@biosoft.ru.
We are also very proud and happy to bring our highest gratitude to the Fund Skolkovo, which supports and finances our project of creating the workflow system “From genome to target”.