Новая версия BioUML 2019.4 была успешно выпущена и уже доступна для загрузки на сайте https://new.bio-store.org

Новые функции платформы:


Headless version of BioUML refined and improved. More information and example scripts can be found here.

All Curated Biomodels tested to be imported and simulated

Automatically select imported data element in repository tree



SBGN Process Description Level 1 version 2.0 supported: shapes of simple chemical and variable changed, equivalence operator implemented (not affecting simulation for now)

Better Reactome support (full support of new ID format, various fixes)

Option to use score satisfying UCSC сonventions during export in BED, GTF, GFF



Table importer: fixed quotes processing, better processing of incomplete lines (with empty trailing values)

Info about matching path is shown in the results of the table converting (with versions of used databases).


Web version:

More precise edge selection in diagrams

Selected edges are highlighted with pink color

Move nodes on diagram using Ctrl+Arrow keys for 1px and Shift + Arrow keys for 5px shift

Copy and clone diagram element actions are separated

Initial integration with Jupyter

Track finder (user can set conditions and search for tracks in database (Ensembl, GTRD), the results can be added to the genome browser view from the tab)